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6 thoughts on “Minitube – a native youtube client

  1. ප්‍රවීන් ඉන්ද්‍රනාම says:

    Hello, I have 2 questions regarding this.
    1.) I’m using Ubuntu, so is there a way to have this app on Ubuntu
    2.) In my system, gstreamer is corrupted somehow and doesn’t work. So I use xine. Can I use xine for this program?

  2. ප්‍රසාන් says:

    @ ප්‍රවීන්
    Even though I don’t have access to an Ubuntu box, these steps will help I think.

    1. Install phonon (sudo aptitude install phonon) this will also pull qt4 if you don’t have it installed.

    2. Run the binary available in the authors website


    1. Install development tools and qt and phonon development libraries
    (sudo aptitude install build-essential qt4-dev, phonon-dev)

    2. Build and install minitube as usual (qmake, make, make install)

    Xine and Gstreamer:

    I think the phonon xine backend is also available in Ubuntu. (in fedora it’s called phonon-backend-xine)

  3. Kupras says:

    I cant get minitube. Im using Leonidas, it says that cannot find the package “minitube”. Do you know some manual way to get it?

  4. emka says:

    thanks for share your experiences, now i have a youtube native client on my Fedora 12. Good

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