Now you can install Golly,  which is an excellent Conway’s Game of Life and other Cellular Automation simulator, in fedora 10 by following these steps.

First install wellassa linux fedora repository.

sudo rpm -Uhv

Then install golly by giving:

sudo yum install golly


To install Lucidlife another game of life simulator based on the simulation algorithms developed by Alan Hensel give following command.

sudo yum install lucidlife


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Golly, Lucidlife and The game of life in Fedora 10
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4 thoughts on “Golly, Lucidlife and The game of life in Fedora 10

  • මේක නම් හරිම අපූරුයි. මූලික සංකල්පයත් ලස්සනයි.

  • Excellent….. I’m a chemical engineering undergraduate , and i deal with maths as well as bio-chemical engineering (involves bio-cells produce products like ethanol, marmite, penicilin, vitamin c …) and we need to know about how cells grow

  • I’ve independently packaged Golly for Fedora, as I wasn’t aware of this earlier effort, and I’ve submitted the package for review. If all goes well, it will be in the main Fedora repository. Lucidlife is already there.

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