Arora more than just another web browser

Arora was started as a demo application to test the QtWebkit functionality in 2008. Now it has evolved to an almost feature complete web browser.  I have been using this browser in Fedora for some time along with both Firefox and Opera. I have not yet installed Google Chrome because for my 64bit Fedora 11 box it’s difficult to build a native x86_64 version of Chrome. So my Webkit experience has primarily been on Arora web browser and I’m really impressed with its performance.

Recently I ran a Google V8 benchmark on firefox, opera and Arora running on my Fedora 11 X86_64 box and here are the overall scores.

V8 Benchmark Suite – version 5

Firefox 3.51  score:209

Opera 10.00 Beta 2 Build 4520 (gcc4, shared qt4) score: 169

Arora 0.8.0 (shared qt4) score: 548

Even though these results alone cannot be used to judge the speed of each browser, Arora is indeed fast. In the long run what I felt was both Arora and Opera is significantly faster than Firefox.

If you want to install Arora for Fedora 11 I’ve packaged a x86_64 rpm. As usual first install Wellassa Linux repo if you have not already done so and issue:

“sudo yum install arora”

Screenshot-V8 Benchmark Suite - Arora

picture : Arora running V8 benchmark

Golly, Lucidlife and The game of life in Fedora 10

Now you can install Golly,  which is an excellent Conway’s Game of Life and other Cellular Automation simulator, in fedora 10 by following these steps.

First install wellassa linux fedora repository.

sudo rpm -Uhv

Then install golly by giving:

sudo yum install golly


To install Lucidlife another game of life simulator based on the simulation algorithms developed by Alan Hensel give following command.

sudo yum install lucidlife


For more information


Wellassa Linux Fedora Repository

Here I’ve made some rpm packages for some of the free software not available officially in fedora. Most RPMs are for Fedora 10 i386 and some are for Fedora 11 x86_64.


  • Truecrypt file/disk encryptor
  • Golly Cellular Automata Simulator
  • fatrat download manager
  • italc classroom management tool
  • LiVES video editor VJ
  • marble virtual globe qt version without KDE bindings
  • gsopcast sopcast GUI
  • launchy application launcher
  • arora web browser
  • and more…

Source rpms are here

To install the yum repo use

For Fedora 10

sudo rpm -Uhv

or for Fedora 11

sudo rpm -Uhv