Arora was started as a demo application to test the QtWebkit functionality in 2008. Now it has evolved to an almost feature complete web browser.  I have been using this browser in Fedora for some time along with both Firefox and Opera. I have not yet installed Google Chrome because for my 64bit Fedora 11 box it’s difficult to build a native x86_64 version of Chrome. So my Webkit experience has primarily been on Arora web browser and I’m really impressed with its performance.

Recently I ran a Google V8 benchmark on firefox, opera and Arora running on my Fedora 11 X86_64 box and here are the overall scores.

V8 Benchmark Suite – version 5

Firefox 3.51  score:209

Opera 10.00 Beta 2 Build 4520 (gcc4, shared qt4) score: 169

Arora 0.8.0 (shared qt4) score: 548

Even though these results alone cannot be used to judge the speed of each browser, Arora is indeed fast. In the long run what I felt was both Arora and Opera is significantly faster than Firefox.

If you want to install Arora for Fedora 11 I’ve packaged a x86_64 rpm. As usual first install Wellassa Linux repo if you have not already done so and issue:

“sudo yum install arora”

Screenshot-V8 Benchmark Suite - Arora

picture : Arora running V8 benchmark

Arora more than just another web browser
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