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5 thoughts on “(සිංහල) Sopcast සමගින් p2p TV

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  2. lmpeiris says:

    The link gsopcast-040-1.fc10.i386.rpm does not work… I downloaded the source but the make step fails with c-syntax errors (variable not declared etc…) …
    I terribly need the .rpm (FC10 or FC11) as there’s no other fedora rpm on the net… could you help me?
    you can email the rpm to my email address:

  3. lmpeiris says:

    Thanks for the reply … I found a rpm (in your repo) for gsopcast … it works.. channel list show up… peers and downloading of data happens … but when I hit play no mplayer starts so i can’t watch anything.
    Mplayer is doing good with any other video … but i didn’t compile it so not sure whether it’s lacking some streaming support.


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